MacMicro is a thought leader and provider of innovative solutions in the ‘Software On-Demand’ space. In addition to software solutions provided in our consulting practice, MacMicro offers the following products:

  • Lead Follow-Up – a Salesforce AppExchange ‘app’ that automates follow-up by email to leads. In ‘drip-marketing’ fashion, Lead Follow-Up caters to all the conditions surrounding email communication with leads. This eliminates the huge time and effort businesses employ to follow up on leads and to avoid leads ‘slipping through the cracks’. See more at Salesforce AppExchange
  • BizConnector – a web-based email communication tool that enables ‘contextual interaction’ with recipients. Integrating multiple features with real-time functionality, BizConnector addresses the needs of companies seeking to cultivate their customers and grow their businesses by using the latest web technologies to manage marketing campaigns in an intelligent way. For a closer look, visit the product website at

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