David Ciccarelli, CEO, Voices.com

"We depend on Salesforce.com to run our business, so when it came time to synchronize external databases, we looked for a developer with outstanding knowledge of the Salesforce.com API. MacMicro, under Colin Goldberg ,clearly stood out as an expert in the field. Colin proved to be extremely attentive to every detail from the planning, development, testing and deployment of our custom work. MacMicro has proved to be an invaluable asset in getting the best out of Salesforce.com. Their expertise of integrating salesforce.com with our needs has been terrific.  I would highly recommend MacMicro."


Ahmed Bouzid, Senior Product Manager, Angel.com

"MacMicro has become an indispensable and cost effective resource in our efforts to integrate our IVR and Call Center solutions with Salesforce.com. MacMicro’s deep knowledge of the Salesforce.com API has enabled us to add valuable features to our integration efforts. When we need this kind of expertise, we happily turn to MacMicro."

Linda Fong, RAE Systems

"When RAE Systems encountered web spam in our Salesforce.com web to lead forms, we turned to MacMicro for help. MacMicro successfully developed and implemented ‘Spam Guard’, which included php scripts on our server and validation rules, and which effectively eliminated the spam. And the project was delivered on time and within budget. "

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