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No, MacMicro has nothing to do with Apple Mac. The name MacMicro was actually coined before Apple introduced their new line, and is meant to represent the balance between the big and the small (“macro-micro”), with a Scottish accent just for fun. This “balance” is a fundamental part of our philosophy, where our methodology and perspective incorporate the two “levels”. Contact us to expand on this further.

MacMicro is an Internet consulting and development company. We design and build functional websites and website components that utilize advanced Internet technologies. Our clients span the range from Fortune 2000 companies down to small businesses.  

The cornerstone of our service offerings is our (30 man-year) seasoned expertise in web applications employing relational databases, knowledge-based systems, and web services.  We focus on intelligent applications, workflow and business process automation, and business rules, in the ‘software-on-demand’ (software as a service) space.

Through our consulting and development methodology, we provide a framework of best practices
and procedures for positioning, managing and delivering our professional services.

The key distinguishing elements of our solution include: 

  • Our belief that “the business model drives the technology model”.
  • Our seasoned expertise in rich applications and components employing advanced Internet technologies.
  • Our commitment to providing appropriate technologies that fit our clients’ needs, without the hype.
  • Our objective approach that enables us to recommend technology solutions that match our clients’ strategic business objectives, technology requirements, and existing network infrastructures.

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