MacMicro was founded in 1990 by Colin Goldberg, CEO/CIO.

Colin Goldberg Profile

Colin Goldberg, CEO/CIO

Mr. Goldberg, CEO/CIO, specializes in the conceptualization, architecture, design, and development of innovative, ‘software-on-demand’ solutions, with a focus on web services, service-oriented architectures, and business process automation.

He has over twenty five years of experience in consulting and the development of applications, ranging from analysis of business requirements to the design of client-server architectures, databases, and knowledge-based systems. Proficient in designing and implementing distributed applications, he has in-depth knowledge of the Financial Services Industry, and the ability to take a leading position in the new Internet world.

Some of Mr. Goldberg’s activities to date include:

  • Founded and developed BizConnector, an Internet-based communication tool that automates contextual interaction. Marketed and sold BizConnector licenses, directly and through channels
  • Normalized a business relationship, that was potentially in crisis, between a medium-size client company and its offshore, outsource software developer, by acting as a bridge between them and taking on the Project Management.
  • Created ConsultantTV, an award-winning eRecruitment service, incorporating applicant tracking, workflow, and CRM, that markets IT candidates by presenting video and audio “resumes” to hiring managers.
  • Created a ‘Dashboard’ for Emerging Market traders, salespeople, and researchers on JP Morgan’s Intranet worldwide.
  • Conducted a Feasibility Study for a client/server application, based on Internet and knowledge-based technology, intended to increase motivation in call center environments. Co-authored patent applied for this product.
  • Led the introduction of knowledge-based technology into the Emerging Delivery – Fountainhead Project at Chase Manhattan Bank for the purpose of facilitating customer service and marketing (‘to a segment of one’).
  • Led projects, including an object-oriented, Unix-based Position Accounting System, at Phibro Energy – a Commodities Trading Company, using NeXTStep, Sybase, and Expert System technology.
  • Managed development of an insider trader tracking system (ICASS) at the New York Stock Exchange, to allow market analysts to extract data from mainframes and external computers into Sybase for surveillance in a client-server architecture.

Mr. Goldberg has an MS Computer Science and a Certificate in the Theory of Accounting from the University of Cape Town, and a BS Electrical Engineering from the University of Natal, South Africa.

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